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What are the deep web and the dark web?

ID defend protects your digital identity from growing dangers; the web in which we navigate every day, the visible one, represents only a small percentage of the real content of this network. Beneath the surface of the web we all know is the so-called deep web, a little-explored digital territory where navigation is encrypted and this makes it an interesting space for illegal activities and trade. Further below the surface is the dark web, a subset of the deep web. According to estimates by NASA researchers, it has tens of thousands of Url addresses.

It is therefore that part of the internet that is generally inaccessible to the common user and tools that we use to browse and cannot be indexed by search engines like Google, Safari or Bing. To explain this, the metaphor of the iceberg is often used: the well-known and accessible web is only the tip of the iceberg; while most of the digital territory including the deep web and the dark web is submerged, below the surface.

If in this hidden space a cyber criminal is willing to pay over 1,000 euros to buy a person's data, you can be certain that they will surely make improper use of it.

In 2020, we verified over 5.1 billion personal data, 25% more than the previous year. By October 2021, the database registered 18.4 billions of Personal Identifiable Information P.I.I.). Every month our specialists are verifying millions of personal data that cyber criminals may attempt to steal and exchange for illegal use in the dark-web.

We are able to achieve these great results thanks to a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and tireless research.
Our surveillance service is the only one internationally that monitors secure data in thousands of websites and millions of real-time data points (e.g., IRC chat rooms and commercial sites, blogs, social network boards, in peer-to-peer sharing networks, including the Deep and Dark web).
At any time, our platform monitors the internet and immediately alerts the Customer if their personal information is purchased or sold online.

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We are proud to partner with a some of the most experienced and successful protection solution based companies in the market. Together with these partners and thanks to our innovative package of service and protection we are focused on providing our customers with the maximum safety and serenity.

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